Friday, December 23, 2005

Here's the thing, I am never leaving you, EVER!!! The doctor's visits will be ok because I will be there, everytime.

If they find something, I'll still love you. Be it STD or cancer. If its the first one they I already have it and its too late and I could care less. I love you and never ever plan to be with anyone else, so its between us. I won't be running, but I'm scared too. What if they find something and its my fault. Then you'll blame me for the rest of your life, then you'll leave me. No No No, what ever it is we will get through it together because our love can conquer all. Its the stuff the Shakespeare wrote about.

I'm scared of what they will find in our baby. My genes might suck and end up something wrong with him/her. I have done some fucked up things and afraid that it will effect our future. I hope you can live with us for the rest of our live bc I plan on getting old with you.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Well I read it, even though I wasn't supposed to. but I did ask first. I also created a new blog so we could keep it btweens us and not my "other" Friends. I figured that we could do like your parents did with the cat.

I know you work hard to acheive things. I hope that you can instill that into our children I myslef am a coaster. I coast by with Bs and Cs. The only thing I have ever worked at was my career and we both know how that is going.

I love your art work. I wish you did it more often. You promised me you would and you haven't.

Well I also have a little secret, guys think about the perfect love too. For years (and I mean years), I have tried to mold myself into the "perfect" man for others. That was huge nightmare. I had given up dating and on love. But then I met you.

I can be myself and I don't have to try. You think I feed you lines but I don't. I tell you whats going in my heart and my head. You think I buy you stuff to spoil you. But I get you stuff bc you deserve to world and the moons and the universe and everyday I going to strive to get it for you and so you deserve it.

You are not a a waste of my time. I can't think anything or anyone I would rather spend time with. I will never fade away. I may slip, fall, and hurt along the way (like I did Sat.) but I will always make everyday a little better than the following one.

You are stuck with me for the long haul, faults and all. I am not an easy person to love either. But thats what makes this life exciting. We'll have problems along the way but nothing our love can't conquer.

I love you without borders, guidelines, or boundaries.

I need you more than you will ever need me. You are my lighthouse while I am out to sea. You are what I wake up for each morning.

I know its hard to say things to my face but now we have this. Ms Sexy Alkie, I hope one day to make you Mrs. Fantasyman.

love always,

Not sure what to really talk about here.

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