Monday, December 19, 2005

Well I read it, even though I wasn't supposed to. but I did ask first. I also created a new blog so we could keep it btweens us and not my "other" Friends. I figured that we could do like your parents did with the cat.

I know you work hard to acheive things. I hope that you can instill that into our children I myslef am a coaster. I coast by with Bs and Cs. The only thing I have ever worked at was my career and we both know how that is going.

I love your art work. I wish you did it more often. You promised me you would and you haven't.

Well I also have a little secret, guys think about the perfect love too. For years (and I mean years), I have tried to mold myself into the "perfect" man for others. That was huge nightmare. I had given up dating and on love. But then I met you.

I can be myself and I don't have to try. You think I feed you lines but I don't. I tell you whats going in my heart and my head. You think I buy you stuff to spoil you. But I get you stuff bc you deserve to world and the moons and the universe and everyday I going to strive to get it for you and so you deserve it.

You are not a a waste of my time. I can't think anything or anyone I would rather spend time with. I will never fade away. I may slip, fall, and hurt along the way (like I did Sat.) but I will always make everyday a little better than the following one.

You are stuck with me for the long haul, faults and all. I am not an easy person to love either. But thats what makes this life exciting. We'll have problems along the way but nothing our love can't conquer.

I love you without borders, guidelines, or boundaries.

I need you more than you will ever need me. You are my lighthouse while I am out to sea. You are what I wake up for each morning.

I know its hard to say things to my face but now we have this. Ms Sexy Alkie, I hope one day to make you Mrs. Fantasyman.

love always,

I think this is good for us. a secret way of talking and not holding anything back. but one problem mr. fantasyman, do you friends know where my blog is or should i change it?

next, i take every word you say to heart and that's why i try to cover it by saying it is a line. thank you for being open and honest, and not freaking out at my over-emotional post.

you are amazing.
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